Gun Brooke

Among the stars


An unexpected attack destroys the most joyous moment, so far, in Janeway's and Seven's life. The consequences are devastating and the crew is now held hostage, fearing their captain is dead.

Short stories


The Raven's Island Stories


Kathryn Janeway is CEO of a large corporation in dire need of an interpreter. There is an immediate attraction when she hires Annika Hansen, a young woman brought up in total seclusion on a remote island.

The Guardians


A call for help leads Voyager to an encounter with another ship that is orbiting a planet on the brink of disaster. What happens next leads Janeway and Seven to examine their own values and past demons as they and the Guardians attempt to save a people.

Finding a shelter from the storm


Uber - Janeway/Seven -- Scully/McKenzie

Laura Carter arrives at a motel in the middle of the night and here she meets the enigmatic Sunny. It is apparent that Laura is in trouble and Sunny decides to help her although Larua things it is too dangerous. Dawn Morrison and her partner, Joan Tremayne, belong to a top secret agency. They have been trying to solve a case involving a missing scientist for years. Dawn is also struggling with her own inner turmoil regarding the woman she has to work with side by side every day.