Dacia (domain has expired)

Regret R
Janeway's in a bad way.
A Personal Inquiry PG

A 'what if' story, like 'what if' a previously unseen and unheard of personality quirk of Janeway's (like 'commbadge fiddling') was revealed in a mildly embarrassing way, that led to a better understanding between her and Seven.

Marika PG

A story about my favourite xenobiologist, Samantha Wildman, and Voyager's latest Borg refugee, Marika Wilkarah. It's short and depressing, but that's how I felt after watching 'Survival Instinct', so deal with it.

Perfection PG
A touchy-feely J/7 piece, set sometime in the distant (but not too distant) future.
Conspiracy Continued PG