The Bonny Anne


In the year of grace 1810, two sailing ships travel the blue Caribbean.

One is on a voyage to expand the boundaries of science; the other seeks a woman taken from an oceangoing vessel six months previously. Both have in common that they are captained by women; otherwise, they couldn't be more different. Discovery carries a crew devoted to one another, and the pursuit of science; the people aboard Intrepide are motivated by money--except for one, who is looking to find one woman in all the world, or die in the attempt. The captains meet in the deceptively peaceful streets of a harbor town called Haven on a quiet island, where the keeper of a tavern called the "Bonny Anne" has spent a lifetime waiting for one of them.

Introduction 01  

In which one Woman feels the Tropical Ocean Breeze for the first Time, another teases out the Secrets of Nature, and a Third meets her Destiny.

Introduction 02  
In which Two exchange a Kiss, a Necklace, and a Night, but little Else; another realizes an unlikely Dream; and an Unholy Bargain is propos'd in a Drawing-Room.
The Man Who Was a Woman, and Had a Number for a Name (01, 02)

In which both Ships acquire Passengers, Crockery is smash'd, an Offer is made, Cannon are aim'd, a Debt is call'd in, and True Love is thwarted.

The crossed swords (01, 02)

In which Insults are hurl'd, Battle-Lines and Pistols drawn, and Notes Pass'd, and Practically All enjoy a brief Romantick Interlude.

Twenty-Three Degrees, Sixteen Minutes (01, 02)

In which Rockets are Flown, Heav'nly Bodies Shot, Secret Songs Sung, Corsets Tightened, and Loves Confirm'd.