"Shifting Intentions"


This story is in response to a challenge from the Janeway-Seven list to "write something that includes the very first thing Janeway says and the very first thing Seven says in 'Equinox', regardless of who they are speaking to, and start a story with that. Finish it with the last thing they both say. No other criteria."

 Janeway's first words: "Give me tactical control!"
Seven's first words: "State your intentions."

 Janeway's last words: "All these years, all these battles, this thing's never fallen down before."
Seven's last words: "I look forward to it."


Captain Kathryn Janeway awoke to find herself sprawled on the deck of Voyager's bridge. She pulled herself up, wincing in pain from the sudden movement, and felt a throbbing pain at her temple. Reaching up to determine its cause, her hand found a bloody gash. She squinted from the smoke that stung her eyes and obscured her view of the bridge. She wiped her blood-stained hand on her tunic and shouted, "Give me tactical control!"

 There was no response to her command, and for a brief moment she thought the din from the red alert alarm had drowned out her order. Janeway turned to face the tactical station and was stunned to find it unmanned. Moving quickly across the bridge to seize the controls, she noticed she was alone there.

 "Where the hell is everybody?" she asked aloud, as she keyed in the commands to bring Voyager hard about. As she prepared to fire photon torpedoes at the attacking vessel, she froze upon discovering there was no ship out there to lock on to. What the hell is going on here? she thought, as she used ship's sensors to search the surrounding area. Is there a species out here in the Delta Quadrant with cloaking technology? Great, just what we need.

 Satisfied that the attack was over, Janeway tapped her comm badge and called out for her crew. "Janeway to Engineering. B'Elanna, what's going on down there?" She waited for a response, but when none came she tried Sickbay. "Doctor, report. This is the bridge. What's your status down there?" Again, no answer.

 She put her hands on her hips in restrained annoyance. Why did everyone leave their stations?> "Computer, are communications down?"


 "Computer, locate Commander Chakotay," she barked.

 "Commander Chakotay is no longer on board Voyager," came the emotionless response.

 "Computer, how many crew members are on board?"

 "There are two crew members aboard Voyager at this time."


 "Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine are aboard Voyager."

 "Computer, locate Seven of Nine."

 "Seven of Nine is in Holodeck 2."

 Janeway rubbed her eyes as she felt a headache coming on, caused by the trauma she received to her head in the attack and intensified by the perplexing situation of her ship's current condition.

 She left the bridge and headed for the holodeck, wondering what Seven was doing there in the midst of an obvious crisis. Janeway found it very disconcerting as she walked the empty decks of Voyager...decks which should be teaming with rushing crewmembers responding to the emergency. She tried to remember what had happened before she was knocked unconscious.

 The captain had been in her ready room when Chakotay informed her of an anomalous reading off the port bow. Before they had a chance to determine its cause, however, Voyager was jolted by a sudden blast from an energy beam. Not having time to raise shields, the force of the blast had knocked her to the deck. The next thing she knew, she was bleeding and alone on the bridge. Whatever had happened, it had happened quickly and had somehow cause the disappearance of virtually her entire crew.

Well, at least Seven hasn't been taken. Janeway was surprised by the sudden flood of relief and emotion that thought caused in her. As she stepped into the turbo lift, she noted her concern was more than professional.



 Seven of Nine stood at attention with her hands linked behind her back. She took note of the fact that her captors were not physically imposing, and realized she could probably overpower them if need be. They were humanoid in appearance, each standing less than six meters tall, and had markings that trailed down in a spiral pattern from their temples to their necks. Seven realized they looked very much like Species 6179 -- the Trill -- and wondered whether they were somehow an offshoot of the Alpha Quadrant species. She also noticed all three of the intruders were female.

 "State your intentions," she calmly said. Although they had forced her into the holodeck immediately upon finding her in the corridor upgrading the holodeck control systems, they had forced her to stand for almost 20 minutes without so much as a word in explanation. Seven was becoming annoyed, and thought it was most inefficient for these beings to not demand anything of her after going to the trouble of holding her captive.

 Finally, the aliens stopped talking amongst themselves and the taller of the three, the one with dark hair, approached Seven. Judging by how the others interacted with her, Seven determined this individual was the leader. She did not speak right away, but instead ran her eyes slowly up and down Seven's body in an appreciative glance. Seven had seen that look before, and it immediately made her uncomfortable. She stepped back.

 "We require your assistance," the alien stated.


 "We are the Filrayen. We have beamed most of your crew over to our ship. We have allowed you to remain on this vessel because you are the most suitable prospect."

 Seven remained silent, although she wanted to ask who else was left onboard. She would need that information if she were going to mount any form of resistance. Not wanting to interrupt this being's explanation, though, Seven merely raised an eyebrow and wondered whether her missing crewmates were being harmed. Her thoughts immediately went out to the Captain, and she felt an uncontrollable urge to grab this individual by the throat. If they have harmed Captain Janeway, I will terminate them.

 Surprised by the intensity of her emotions, Seven brought herself under control. It would be illogical to act without receiving further information. Captain Janeway would want me to assess the situation fully before acting. She waited for her captor to continue.

 "Our species is dying. Our females are no longer able to mate with our males…and unless we procreate, we won't be able to produce offspring. There are only seventy of us left, where once we were a race numbering in the thousands. We need your help. We are desperate. Please do not turn us away," the leader pleaded.

 Seven did not understand, and decided she clearly needed more information.

 "Has your planet experienced some form of contamination that prevents successful procreation? This vessel's crew can be very efficient and possesses much scientific knowledge. Perhaps we can assist your scientists in eradicating the contamination problem?" she offered.

 "No, our problem is not the result of contamination. Our planet suffers from no environmental hazards. The problem is with our females. We no longer have "need" for our males. We are unable to initiate or respond to sexual pleasure...and unless this can be reawakened in us, our species will end. You must help us. We have examined your database. Your species devotes much time and energy to such things, and seems to demonstrate a great deal of imagination and innovation in your sexual pleasuring. We need to learn from you...to experience pleasure as your species does. You must show us, so we may return to our planet with that knowledge and desire."

 Seven stood there contemplating the request. It was clear this individual was sincere and desperate. It was also clear that the consequences faced by the Filrayen race were dire. Surely it could not hurt to help these beings in such a manner. It is unlikely I will be damaged engaging in such an activity. If I agree, I will not only help save this species from extinction...I will also help bring Voyager's crew home...and the Captain.

 For a brief moment, Seven wondered whether she had the knowledge and skill required for such a task. After all, she had only recently engaged in the activity called "dating" -- and although she learned much about such behavior, her experience had not progressed to an actual sexual encounter. Perhaps I will prove inadequate in my efforts to assist these individuals? No, I am Borg. I will not fail. There was only one question remaining in Seven's mind.

 "If I assist you, you will return Voyager's crew unharmed?"

 "Yes. We have no wish to harm your people. Once we have learned your secrets for sexual desire, we three will return to our ship, return your crew and proceed to our own world with the knowledge that will save our species," the leader replied.

 Seven considered that response for a moment and spoke. "Then I will comply. I am not as experienced as others, but I have sufficient knowledge about such things. I believe we must first 'get comfortable' and then we will proceed to touch each other," she explained logically.



 Captain Janeway approached the holodeck with caution and paused before entering. It was extremely odd for Seven to be running a program during battle stations...something could be wrong. Accessing the control panel, she was more than a little more than surprised to find the Chez Sandrine's program running. Then her surprise turned to anger.

What the hell does Seven think she's doing? How could she think it'd be appropriate to have a beer and shoot some pool in the middle of a crisis? Apparently I'll need to have another little discussion with her when this is over regarding protocol and responsibility!

 Then the captain noticed the holodeck registering four lifeforms inside...Seven of Nine and three aliens. Her heart skipped a beat and her hands went cold. Seven's in trouble! I have to get to her!

 Deciding a stealthy approach would be best, considering she would be outnumbered, Janeway entered the program and stepped immediately against the wall and back in the shadows. The sight that greeted her made her mouth dropped open. Seven was on the couch in front of the fireplace…and she wasn't alone. She also did not seem to be harmed. In fact, she seemed to be quite comfortable. Janeway shook her head, thinking perhaps that gash at her temple was causing her to hallucinate.

 Seven was sandwiched between two aliens -- two female aliens -- kissing one passionately while running her hands liberally over the female's breasts. The second alien was nuzzling and kissing the back of Seven's neck. When Janeway saw the second alien's hands reach around to fondle Seven's breasts, Janeway stopped breathing and blinked her eyes. Surely she was not seeing what looked liked Seven in a passionate sexual encounter with these intruders? She looked around the room and saw a third alien sitting at a table to the side of the couch, apparently observing the whole thing.

 For a moment, the normally decisive and unflappable captain of Voyager was at an absolute loss as to what she should do. She remembered that Seven had recently informed her there were no suitable mates for her on board Voyager. Perhaps Seven's sexual need was greater than Janeway had thought...was so great, she decided to experience her first sexual act with these beings? That thought stabbed at Janeway's heart. If only I had been honest with her about my feelings...had not been so damned devoted to my archaic sense of duty and protocol regarding relationships with crew members. How could I have let her slip away?

 Acknowledging there was nothing she could do about it now, the Captain of Voyager summoned every ounce of command responsibility she had -- she needed to take back her ship. She clamped down on her pain and regret -- and, jealousy? Is that what I'm feeling? Janeway reached for her phaser as she stepped out of the shadows. A wave of temporary panic flooded her, as she realized she must have lost her phaser on the floor of the bridge in her rush to get to Seven. Damn! It's too late to turn back now. Before she could think of a plan of attack, however, the alien at the table noticed her presence and stood...her actions alerting the others in the room.

 Seven of Nine looked over to see Captain Janeway standing in the doorway. She immediately stood up, unceremoniously dumping the Filrayen leader who had been sprawled over her lap onto the floor.

 "Captain! You are unharmed," she exclaimed with more than a little joy in her voice.

 Janeway, however, was not feeling even the slightest amount of glee or pleasure. She observed that none of the aliens had weapons, so she turned and locked her gaze on Seven, planting the ex-Borg with a force ten command stare.

 "Would you care to explain exactly what's going on here, Seven? What do you think you're doing? We're at battle stations, under threat from an alien force that has infiltrated the ship and kidnapped the crew, and you're in the holodeck...'playing' with our enemies?" the older woman barked.

 "We are not in danger from these individuals, Captain. No one has been harmed. They require our assistance," Seven calmly explained.

 "I'll be the judge of that, Seven. Step away from them," Janeway ordered, trying very hard to keep the jealousy and sense of betrayal out of her voice. She turned her attention to the Filrayen leader and asked "What have you done with my crew?"

 "Your crew is in no danger. They are aboard our vessel," the leader answered.

 "I don't detect any vessels out there," Janeway countered while stepping towards the leader with what she hoped was a threatening posture.

 "We have technology that hides our vessel from sensors, " the leader explained. "Your crewmember is correct -- we wish you no harm. We need your assistance in saving our race from extinction," she continued.

 "Well, you have a damn strange way of conveying that. In our species, it is not customary to run around in cloaked vessels firing on ships and then abducting their crewmembers. In our world, one asks for help first. How can you expect me to trust you?" Janeway asked.

 Seven, who was now standing in the middle of the room between Janeway and the Filrayen individuals, saw the obvious confusion in the Captain's eyes. She saw something else there, too, but was unable to identify it. She stepped towards Janeway.

 "It is true, Captain," Seven replied. "They have come because they need us to awaken their sexual desires. They have lost the ability to procreate...and unless they do, their species will die as there are few of them remaining. I was attempting to demonstrate and teach them about our sexual practices," Seven explained.

 Janeway looked from one alien to the next, noting they were quite attractive in appearance, before returning her gaze to Seven. "Oh, really? Is that how you wish to explain this, Seven? That's certainly one of the more creative explanations for it I've ever heard."

 "I do not understand, Captain." And the truth was, Seven really didn't understand Janeway's reaction. "Why would I wish to explain it any other way? That is precisely what we were doing." She tried again. "It was necessary for me to show these individuals how to initiate and sustain sexual desire. That is what I was attempting when you entered the holodeck. However, I am glad you are here now because I fear my abilities are insufficient to the task."

 Seven turned to the Filrayen leader and said, "It is fortunate that Captain Janeway has joined us. She is an individual who possesses much greater knowledge and experience than I. Many aboard Voyager would wish to mate with her, if they could. Perhaps she would assist us," Seven offered.

 Janeway's mouth dropped open again, stunned by what Seven had just said What? Does that mean Seven wishes to mate with me? and terrified that she was actually considering Seven's suggestion. Have you lost your mind, Katie? Before she could formulate an articulate response, however, the Filrayen leader turned to Seven excitedly.

 "Yes! That would be better. We are too unfamiliar with your practices to adequately learn from participation. We would learn more from observing you. I believe it would also be...stimulating."

 Seven nodded her head in agreement and looked over at Janeway. "Yes, that would be most efficient," she agreed as she began moving towards the auburn haired woman.

 Janeway stood motionless...feeling as though she were a Denebrian diltok caught in the headlights of an rushing landspeeder. She really wanted to open her mouth to protest -- on *any* grounds -- but she seemed to have no control over her mouth and vocal cords. She watched Seven walk slowly towards her and found she couldn't take her eyes off the gorgeous blonde. When Seven reached out and grabbed her hand, Janeway felt the electricity from the contact shoot through her body and buckle her knees. She was surprised to find herself following Seven over to the couch.

 Voyager's commander could not ignore the fact that her heart was beating rapidly, and she realized her reactions were not motivated by fear but by desire. What is wrong with me? What am I doing? And what is wrong with Seven? These aliens must be exerting some sort of telepathic influence over us. Before she could explain this theory to Seven, though, Janeway felt herself being pushed down on the couch. Seven sat beside her, cupped her face in her hands and pulled the captain towards her.

 The next sensation caused the captain to shudder -- Seven's sweet lips pressing tentatively against her own while her arms slowly moved around her back to pull her close. They kissed lightly at first, but soon their desire brought out an intensity that surprised them both. Janeway reached up to pull Seven closer, then parted her lips with her tongue. They moaned as their tongues swirled and danced together. Seven pulled back a little to suck on Janeway's bottom lip, then ran her tongue slowly over the captain's lips. And then she stopped.

 Seven was perplexed. This was different. Something was wrong. I am finding it difficult to breath properly. I am malfunctioning...I did not experience these sensations while kissing the Filrayen leader. Then Seven had an overwhelming desire to feel the softness of Janeway's skin against her own. She reached over and began to pull the captain's tunic over her head.

 "Seven," Janeway whispered. "Seven, I can't do this. We're not alone," she protested weakly, as she glanced over at the Filrayen who were sitting at the nearby table. She noticed that the aliens had begun touching, caressing and kissing each other, apparently attempting to mimic the actions they were observing. Janeway was surprised by the reaction this caused in her -- she was aroused, not just from observing them, but also from the knowledge that they were watching her and Seven. That's just great, Kathryn. Not only are you violating every protocol regarding sexual contact with a crew member…you're engaging in kinky sexual contact, no less! So much for Starfleet regulations!

 Before Janeway's rational self could take command of the situation, she felt Seven's hands moving slowly over her breasts through the material of her gray undershirt. When Seven's right hand began gently rubbing and squeezing her left breast, Janeway pulled back. But Seven reached her left hand around Janeway's neck, pulled the captain's mouth to hers and kissed her deeply as she held Janeway tightly against her. The act was so commanding, so possessive, it took the older woman's breath away and she felt herself melting in Seven's arms, giving control over to her young Astrometrics officer.

 Seven sensed the shift in power between them...and she recognized Janeway's desire for her. That knowledge inflamed her, and when she looked into her captain's eyes she felt that perhaps she would not be insufficient after all.

 "Turn around, captain," she said, while noting that a certain command tone had entered her voice.

 Janeway complied immediately, and Seven reached up to pull down the zipper on her undershirt. She didn't remove it at first, but instead placed her hands at the base of Janeway's back and slowly moved them up until they slipped under the fabric gathered at Janeway's shoulders. And then she slid the shirt off those slender shoulders, until it fell away on its own.

 Seven leaned forward and brought her lips to the back of Janeway's neck. As she kissed and nuzzled the captain's neck, and that wonderful spot just behind her ear, Seven moved her arms around Janeway and brought her hands up to her breasts. She was surprised to find the captain's nipples already hard, so she rolled them between her fingers then alternated between this activity and squeezing the soft swells of Janeway's breasts. She is so beautiful...so soft and responsive. She is perfect.

 Janeway's breathing became ragged, as though she were having trouble bringing enough air into her lungs. For a moment, Seven became worried and wondered whether she should cease her ministrations. When she felt Janeway lean back against her, pressing against her own breasts, Seven knew everything was as all right...that the captain was enjoying the sensations she was providing. She leaned forward and whispered in the other woman's ear, "You are so beautiful, Kathryn, so very arousing. I desire you. I want to take you...now." She heard Janeway moan, then the word spoken in a low, breathless hush -- "yes."

 "Spread your legs, Kathryn," Seven ordered.

 Janeway once again complied, now completely oblivious to the three Filrayen in the room watching her. Seven's right hand left the soft mound it was fondling and traveled down to the waistband of the captain's trousers. As she pulled Janeway closer with her left hand, which was still cupping the captain's breast, Seven slid her right hand inside Janeway's pants moving slowly down until it found the source of all that heat and silky smooth wetness. Janeway threw her head back until her cheek was brushing against Seven's. She reached back as she started to shudder, and grabbed Seven's Borg-enhanced hand, linking their fingers in a clenched grasp.

 "Seven," the captain breathed. "I am yours."

 Kathryn Janeway awoke to the sound of her name gently whispered, calling her up from the depths of unconsciousness.

 "Captain? Are you all right?"

 Janeway opened her eyes to find Seven leaning over her. She blinked twice and surveyed her surroundings. She was in bed, in her quarters, and Seven was sitting on the edge of her bed...hovering over her with concern in her eyes. Janeway rubbed her forehead in an effort to speed her return to consciousness. Then she remembered the battle.

 "Seven. The ship! Are we secure from battle stations? Has the crew been returned?"

 "Captain, the ship is fine. The crew is fine. It appears you were having a dream," Seven answered gently.

 "No, that's not possible. We were boarded. I was on the bridge when I was knocked unconscious. When I awoke, the crew was gone, all except for you. I went after you...found you in the holodeck. I saw them. You were attempting to..." Janeway let her voice trail off as she remembered the events in the holodeck. Had it really been just a dream? But everything was so real...felt so real. She reached up to touch her temple, expecting to find the gash she had received on the bridge.

 "You were late for our velocity match. I became worried when you did not answer the door, and thought to check on you. I am glad to have found you unharmed, captain."

 "Oh my God, Seven...you wouldn't believe the dream I had!"

 "I believe it must have been...intense. You were calling out my name when I entered your quarters. Your voice did not sound as it usually does," Seven said. She did not attempt to explain further, as she did not know how to describe what she had heard. "When I entered your bedroom, it appeared as though you were...I don't know," the ex-drone tried to explain. "You were moaning and had a very strange expression on your face. You flung your arm out, as if in an effort to grasp something. I am afraid you knocked the holoframe off the nightstand," Seven added.

 The captain looked over the edge of the bed and saw the shattered picture frame. She would have to replicate another one soon, perhaps one made of a sturdier material.

 "All these years, all these battles. This thing's never fallen down before," Janeway noted. Her thoughts then returned to her dream. Do I dare tell Seven about my dream? Am I ready for that...and for all the implications? Then a huge grin appeared on her face, very much of its own volition. Seven didn't miss it.

 "Captain, perhaps you would like to tell me your dream?" she suggested.

 "Perhaps I will, eventually. But, I have a much better idea, Seven. Why don't I show you instead?"

 Seven considered that for a moment...then knowing -- and hoping -- where Janeway was headed, she answered. "I look forward to it."