Stand Alone Stories
Beat So Lonely PG

Inspired by the Charlie Sexton song. Just how lonely is it at the top?

Allowances PG

Little drib I wrote to get me back into the flow again.


Will Seven recognize her heart's true desire before it's too late?

Mariposa PG

Janeway has to learn a valuable lesson the hard way.

Secrets And Sacrifices PG

You ever wonder how Admiral Janeway survived all those years after Seven's death? Find out here, hee hee.

Reunion NC-17

After a disasterous cooking attempt, can Seven teach Janeway how to cook a decent meal?

Three Little Words PG
Valentine's Day on Voyager...Love is grand:)
A Stranger Among Us PG

Janeway + Seven + Aliens + A baby = A change on Voyager. Sequel in progress.

Heavenly Oops PG
A not-so-bad "disaster" with very pleasing results.
Release Me NC-17
PWP in Astrometrics
The Air That You Breathe PG
A relaxing vacation for the crew has a pleasant outcome.
What’s Cooking? PG
Apparently, Neelix isn't the only one cooking on Voyager.
Yes Or No? NC-17
PWP in the messhall with a nice surprise at the end.
Lost And Found PG
Chakotay's got a surprise for Janeway.
Essence PG
Happens after the episode Body & Soul
A Meeting Of Minds NC-17

A strange mishap has Janeway and Seven hearing unusual things.

I Saw Janeway Kissing Santa Clause PG
Oh, what those wandering eyes will see!
Twas The Night Before Christmas PG
Christmas Eve on Voyager.
The End Of The Game PG

Janeway can't deny her feelings any longer. Will Seven reciprocate?

Little Things Mean A lot PG
Turbolift adventure.
Happy Birthday PG
Seven tries to make Janeway’s birthday better.
Anger PG
Emotions flare in a post Counterpoint quickie.
Second Chances PG
Janeway reveals her feelings in a letter to Seven.

The Ongoing Adventures of Janeway and Seven

Implications PG

Seven’s understanding of humanity and all its quirks is ever increasing.

Primitive Engagement NC-17
Janeway and Seven’s “first time.” Resistance is futile!
And I Love Her PG
Seven find she’s not the only one in love with Janeway.
Home Is Where The Heart Is NC-17
How important is getting back to Earth for Janeway and Seven?
Journeys Of The Soul PG

Time travel, confusion, desperation, enlightenment, and promises.



Changing Tides  

One woman coming to terms with her past while another woman comes to terms with her future, each finding a connection that binds them along the way.

Changing Tides 2  
(01, 02, 03)
Sequel to Changing Tides. Cape May's got a visitor, one that brings trouble for Danni and Sarah and leads them to new friends in New York.
Dark Shadow Rising  

Blacksmith Kathryn Edwards must obtain and deliver a legendary sword to save her town from a conquering band of soldiers. This is medieval fantasy and meant to be a series, though each story is complete in its own.


Set during WWII, young Anna finds love in the most unusual place.