Anik LaChev

Dating Guide PG

This is just a little joke hanibal and I hammered out one night while we tried to imagine what a Borg Flirt Guide would contain. Want to find out?

Game's End PG

An epilogue to the final Voyager episode, "Endgame". - After seven years, ship and crew have returned to Earth, but are they truly home? For Kathryn Janeway, trying to adjust to the changes in her life leads to unexpected revelations...

Campus (Uber) NC-17

Über Fiction, posted in parts. When established Literature Professor Eliane Darhayne gets a new assistant, headstrong Joanna Craig is certainly not what she has wished for. But when their Institute is threatened by financial cuts and it seems that knowledge is once more worth less than money, they are forced to cooperate, and soon all sorts of sparks begin to fly between the stubborn and stunning ladies...