Chakotay is to Janeway, as hair to sex PG-13

Synopsis: Kathryn and Seven read a magazine article about Janeway’s sex life.

A different type of truth PG-13

Synopsis: Voyager’s circumstances have changed and therefore so have Janeway’s. She and Seven find that when the truth is too painful, lies may be another way of telling how they feel.

Dying to live PG-13

Synopsis:I’m not going to say much about this one. I think I’ll leave it up to you to read between the lines.

Frustration PG-13
Synopsis: Janeway's frustrated and for a very good reason ...
Lost and found PG-13

Synopsis: Seven awakens on a deserted island with an injured Kathryn.

Repercussions PG-13

Synopsis: Kathryn and Seven’s relationship is in jeopardy due to a secret Kathryn has been keeping.

A romatic dinning expierence PG-13

Synopsis: Just as the title says – a romantic dining experience. ;)