Lest She Dream PG-13

Summary: In answer to the Kissmekate August 2003 Challenge. The Captain and Seven wax philosophical about their relationship.

A New Year's Dawning PG-13

Summary: Inspired by LZ Clotho's digitally manipulated image and New Year's.  The Captain discovers Seven is again abusing Holodeck Two.

Advantage Point NC-17

Summary: Voyager's crew is back in the Alpha Quadrant and everything seems like business as usual. But is it? Note: This is not a continuation of Veracity.

The Hare and the Tortoise: A J/7 Fable G

Summary: In answer to the J/7 Alcove Spring Challenge. What does a blond Borg have in common with a tortoise?

Hook, Line, and Sink Her PG

Summary: In answer to the Kissmekate April Challenge. The Captain avenges a prank, but who’s really being duped?

Veracity NC-17

Summary: Admiral Janeway's timeline was destroyed. What happens now that Captain Janeway's crew is home?

Inter-Mission NC-17

Summary: Q, the fresh-faced savior of the Continuum, owes Janeway his life and he intends to repay her by giving her something more to live for.

Body Alter NC-17

Summary: Seven is behaving like a riddle the Captain has to solve.

Stratagem NC-17

Summary: Seven meets an intriguing alien and together they scheme against Janeway, but the Captain will make the final play.

In the Widest Sense (Uber)
in progress

Summary: World War II touched everyone, even those in the small town of Maple Field, Iowa.



In Waning Light (uber)
01, 02, 03,

Summary: In an artist’s paradise of brilliant light, clean cut lines, and shapely shadows, a renaissance is flourishing . . . a revolution is brewing . . . and an awakening will ensue.