Alien (Uber) NC-17

Summary: The female crew of a commercial space vessel face the ultimate horror when they find themselves being stalked and eaten by a voracious lesbian alien.

Killer Dame R

Summary: Parody of the episode “The Killing Game”, with references to the BBC comedy series “Allo, Allo”, created by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd.

Why Janeway Doesn't Have Sex NC-17

Summary: Seven of Nine discovers the REAL reason why Janeway doesn't have sex.

The Last Kiss Goodbye (Uber) PG-13

Summary: Can private eye Jane Kates find the missing Borg baby with the big hooters, or will they both fall victim to the Machiavellian machinations of the villainous Canon Bragger? 

The Voyorgy Conspiracy NC-17

Summary: Seven's latest experiment to improve her efficiency has unexpected consequences when some...interesting fiction is downloaded into her system.  Parody.