Summary: Can Janeway let go?
Note: Part of the Femme Fuh-Q Fest


Summary: Um, Romana goes off on one with J/7, identity and the 'male gaze', and a riding crop.
Note: Part of Round 3 of the Femme Fuh-Q Fest

The Fairy Q-mother


Pairing: Q(f)/Seven of Nine, Janeway/Seven of Nine
Note: Part of Round 2 of the Femme Fuh-Q Fest
The Ball


Note: Written in response to the Comic Relief challenge on the BritSlash list at yahoo groups: "write a little snippet of fiction, or poetry, which mentions a 'red nose' somewhere in it. That's all. Simple."

The Trouble with First Officers  

Notes: Written in response to the "Die Chakotay, Die!" Challenge at Janeway7. Had to include J/7, Chakotay's death and the dialogue "Die Chakotay, die!", with the option to include Janeway dancing on Chakotay's grave. (This only just qualifies as J/7 and I didn't manage to get in Janeway dancing on Chak's grave).



Summary: Very short BDSM PWP. Inspired by a question asked at the J Team. "Who would Janeway have been in previous/other lives?" and One of Many's suggestion of Servalan from Blake's Seven.


Summary: A drabble. A bad dream. What if Janeway isn't entirely comfortable with Seven's background?