Ms. Russo/Julie Levin Russo

Colonizing the Body NC-17
the requisite J/7 first time story, practically glued to canon. also my fan fiction cherry.
The winner takes it all NC-17
Janeway and Seven's habitual wager yields interesting results...
Resistance Is NC-17

the Borg Queen has a sexual fantasy.  a response to "Dark Frontier"

Unimatrix Minus One NC-17

Summary: an alternate ending to "Unimatrix Zero" part 1: the Borg Queen teaches Janeway (and Seven) a lesson

Eating it too NC-17

a "missing scene" piece for "Endgame" -- what else might Captain Janeway and Admiral Janeway learn from each other?

Ask Me No Questions NC-17

on the eve of the five-year anniversary of Voyager's return, Seven's on her way home from deep space. Janeway doesn't have the answers. but a forgotten nemesis might...