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Dear Ms. Mulgrew and Dear Ms. Ryan perhaps if you find this website, do the same. Sazzy really loves you.

The Hen Night PG

One Admiral, one Borg, one pair of handcuffs...what could possibly go wrong? A post-endgame fic.

The Chauffeur PG
All is not as it seems at the house of Admiral Kathryn Janeway.



An Alternative Universe story. Bitter ex-Starfleet captain, Kathryn Janeway, meets a mysterious stranger by the name of Seven. It's not long before the sparks start to fly.


The Little Sidewalk Café in Buenos Aires

A short post-endgame piece. Janeway seeks solace in Argentina.
“Oh my god, they killed Chakotay!” NC-17

This was written for the JDI Challenge 2 and this picture. Janeway decides she needs to take some radical steps to extract Voyager from a temporal loop.

Winner of 1st Place in the 2005 Die J/C Die! Contest

Messhall Whispers PG

This was written for the JDI Challenge. The topic given to me for my particular entry was: "From vis-à-vis and Bliss, we know that Seven has a tendency to view Janeway's personal logs. What does Seven learn?"

Parlour Games (with MercyCroft)


The crew relax by playing a few games that get a bit out of hand, particularly for Janeway and Seven!


Actions Speak Louder Than Words


A short PWP piece as Seven ponders how to let Chakotay know his attentions for the Captain are unwanted. Written for the “Die J/C Die” contest.




This is my first ever piece of fanfic, so please don't laugh :)  Janeway gets an unexpected visitor on a cliff top that changes her profoundly.  Will Seven or anyone notice before it's too late?

Voyager Missing Scenes NC-17

These are a number of "missing scenes" that Raspy and I thought TPTB had cut from Voyager as shown because they were just too racy ;) N.b. these are all NC-17!


Metamorphosis (Uber)

Police officer Andrea Hallstrom discovers some unexpected side-effects when she wakes up as the only survivor of a deadly accident. She finds herself at a top secret army base where it’s up to Major Kate Jarvis to overcome Andrea’s resistance, and help her adapt to her new reality. For both women, life will never be the same again...
The Lady Katherine Chronicles (Uber) NC-17

Lady Katherine is the respectable lady of Markham Manor in 12th century England. Her life is changed forever when she crosses paths with the mysterious outlaw Anne in the wilds of Sherwood Forest.