Seven's Awakening


Realizing something in her life is missing, Seven takes steps to fill it, having no idea just how complicated her journey of the heart would be. 

Altering Reality


One of the many alternate possibilities for Janeway's reasoning to fix time. Will Janeway and Seven realize their love in time? 

False Pretenses NC-17

A story of Janeway and Seven who having been dating for awhile and are trying to establish a romantic relationship discover all is not what it appears.

One Life NC-17

Surrounded by a powerful species, Janeway has to make a decision that could mean the death of a member of her crew.

Are You In Love With Me, Captain? NC-17

Seven confronts Janeway about her love, but it backfires because she goes about it all wrong.  Can they patch things up in time to realize their mutual love?  Or will a sly seductive alien separate them forever?

Athena NC-17
Primal Relationships NC-17

Janeway takes full advantage of Seven's immaturity. Will they come to realize the truth in time to save their relationship? Will they be able to reconcile their differences while in the midst of a dangerous section of space?