Voyages of the souls  

The first story is actually a series of stories, all linked together by a common bond.  After watching "Drone", I had to wonder how Seven viewed the loss of her "child".  I also wondered about Seven's view of things beyond the mortal world.  So "Voyages of the Soul" was born.  I don't know how many stories there will be, actually, but I do hope that you find them enjoyable.

Have A Pleasant Evening  

Here is a wonderful story that I co-wrote with my very good friend, DiNovia.  We both hope that everyone enjoys our efforts as much as we enjoyed writing together. : )

This is a little vignette that I tapped out one morning.  Enjoy!
Dawn in the Delta  
Another vignette celebrating love discovered.  : )
Another J/7 first time story... Enjoy : )  
Water for Chocolate  
J/7, first time. : )  
Location, Location, Location  
J/7 first time, short and sweet. : )  

Hmm, how do I describe the following two stories without giving away too much plot?  Well, Challenges is about attraction, and what roads a person can choose to take.

The Gift of Time  

This story is about following new roads, even those roads that society may hold to be taboo.  Here is a hint:  If you read my Xena: Warrior Princess story "Ephiny's Song" and enjoyed it, you will most likely enjoy this one as well.  ; )