"Loveing Voyagers."

Katheryn Janeway was waiting for her dearest companions to arrive. How was she going to tell them of her feelings? Seven had already admitted her love of Katheryn, as a friend and more, Katheryn had blushed. Katheryn was wearing her hair down and was wearng a long, shimmery red dress and a small flower hairclip.

Seven of Nine walked toward Katheryn's door, she wasn't wearing her usual clothes and her golden hair was down. Seven was wearing a long, blue shimmery dress and a small glittery silver wrap. She knocked lightly and removed her wrap, leaving outside the door. "Enter." and Seven appeared in the doorway.

"Evening Seven." Katheryn said.

"Evening Katheryn." Seven answered.

"Seven.." Katheryn said.

"Yes Katheryn?" Seven said, her voice was not as formal of clipped as usual, it was gentle.

"I fear I may have been a little rude when you admitted your love, for I also feel the same towards you."

"You didn't Katheryn, and I'm glad you feel the same." Seven answered, moving to take Katheryn's shaking hands in hers.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door and when Katheryn called "Enter." B'Elanna Torres entered. B'Elanna was wearing a long, shimmering yellow dress and she looked lovely. Seven smiled.

"Hello B'Elanna." She said warmly.

"Evening Seven, Evening Katheryn." B'Elanna answered. "I am afraid I have come to say I don't wish to stay tonight or be involved with either of you." and she turned and walked out. Seven and Katheryn watched her go. Seven turned back toward Katheryn and notcied a tear running down her cheek.

"Katheryn." Seven said softly. "Shhh... it's alright." Katheryn just gave a small sob. Seven moved and took the crying Katheryn in her arms. Katheryn soon stopped crying.

"Thank you." she said to Seven.

"Katheryn, you don't need to thank me.. I love you, remember!" Seven said smiling and gently tilting Katheryn's head, Seven gently planted a soft kiss on her lips. Katheryn's small hairclip fell but they ignored it and Katheryn's hand brushed Seven's hair back. Seven broke and smiled at Katheryn. Katheryn guided Seven to the bed. Both clambered in and removed their gowns, dropping them carelessly on the floor. Seven smiled and kissed Katheryn a little more passionatly this time. Katheryn's contented sigh made Seven smile and she gently ran her hands down to Katheryn's small waist. Katheryn moved closer and the two kissed again. Seven slowly kissed Katheryn's neck and when Katheryn shivered slightly, smiled and gave Katheryn a gentle kiss on the nape of her neck. Katheryn shifted to kiss Seven's delicate nose, lips, then neck. Seven's slight shiver made Katheryn smile.

"Maybe I should think about moving you in." Katheryn smiled.

"Oh please.." Seven said. "Do."

Katheryn smiled and they kissed again.