Janeway/Seven - Dom/sub

Kathryn stepped through the doorway into her quarters to find it dimly lit, flickering in the glow of many candles scattered around her living area. "Seven, is this your doing?" She entoned, knowing the borg would be here somewhere. Her voice carried the weight of mock sternness that only one who has spoken in command can immitate.

Seven emerged from the bedroom, evidentally she had been experimenting. She was clad in a long robe, tied at the waist with a thing white belt. The material was sheer, revealing the delicate white lace lingerie underneath. A bra struggling to contain her breasts, and not opaque enough to hide the dark nipples mounted upon them. Matching sheer panties revealing the shadows within the folds of her delicate, hairless vagina. Kathryn loved that paticular neuance of Seven's naked body. When Seven had first been freed from the collective her body had been entirely hairless. Whilst the EMH had worked strenuously to restimulate the folicles on her head and her eyebrows, he had seen no need to reawaken those below the neck, those that would be seen by no one he had thought at the time. As such Seven's body was entirely smooth. Kathryn saw only one disadvantage to this lack of treatment on the Doctor's behalf. She couldn't make the hairs on the back of the woman's neck rise. Finishing off the outfit were seemless ivory-colourd stockings that held themselves to her thighs with no need for a garter belt. Kathryn could understand that, even the inert material of the stockings new a good thing and refused to release it's grasp on those long, gorgeous legs. And all of this tottering slightly indelicately on white patent-leather pumps. "Yes, Captain, is it not to your taste?" Seven asked. It wasn't that the woman was embaressed at having possibly made a social faux-pas, rather that she was looking to catalogue her partner's tastes.

Kathryn smiled broadly and opened her arms, watching as Seven trotted over to her, balancing precariously on those high heels, and into her embrace. "I think it's darling, Seven. You've been studying?"

"Yes, Captain." Again, the exchange was nothing more than curiosity given voice, however as Seven responded she felt Kathryn's hands slide down her back, over the sheer material of the robe, and take a firm buttock in each hand, squeezing gently.

"Call me Kathryn, Seven, please?" She had gone through this aspect of their relationship with Seven, but still she needed frequent reminders. "Captain on duty, Mistress when in chains but Kathryn at all other times, remember?" She smiled.

"Yes, Kathryn, my apologies." Seven stated. She arched her back, pushing herself into Kathryn as the Captain had instructed her was the right response to hands squeezing one's buttocks in this manner. There was something different this time and she took an unsteady step back, looking to the bulge in the Captain's pants without embaressment or shame. "What is that?" She asked, innocently.

Everything she said was innocent, she wasn't immersed into the human culture far enough to be otherwise yet. This was what had drawn Kathryn to her in the first place, a relationship with no hangups, no questions, no mistrust on Seven's part. Seven accepted what she told her in trust for her Captain. "A surprise. It's B`Ellana's and she has let me borrow it. Apparently I earnt the right." Kathryn grinned.

"It is a phallus of some type." Seven observed. "An artificial aid that will allow you to penetrate me in simulation of heterosexual copulation." She looked up into the Captain's eyes. "That is its purpose?"

Kathryn couldn't help but laugh a little. Every time they made love it was the same, before the games began Seven was Seven, her inquisitive and impassive self. It took some time before Kathryn could get her juices going, but when she did she uncovered a very different Seven underneath. No, when she got Seven aroused it was no longer Seven, it was Anika Hansen coming out to play until her orgasm had subsided and Seven was able to re-establish control. "Yes that's one way of describing it." Kathryn agreed.

"How would you describe it, Kathryn?" Seven asked with a slight sidewise slant of the head.

"With this, I can fuck you." Kathryn smiled.

"That is the same analysis." Seven observed.

"True, Seven, but like comedy it's all in the delivery." Kathryn smiled and pulled Seven to her, pressing her hips against Seven's, rubbing the bulging fabric of her pants against Seven's crotch. "Admit it, Seven, you enjoy it. The feel of it, and my dirty talk. You always like my dirty talk."

"I find it agreeable, Kathryn, yes." Seven said as she gently circled her hips against her partner's. Again, it was as she had been instructed. Kathryn was mildly disapointed, every time she hoped the woman would improvise, take new steps. At least the candles and the lingerie were a good start. Still, it was time to let Ankia out of her cage.

Kathryn moved her lips to Seven's ear as she kept one hand on the woman's impossibly firm buttocks, her other going to her back, between her shoulder blades. "I can finally throw you down and fuck you the way I want to." Kathryn cooed in her lover's ear. "Slam my cock so deep inside you you could swear your body was coming apart at the seams."

"That is most unlikely." Seven stated, but already Kathryn's embrace, the closeness of her body, the warmth of her partner's breath on and in her ear, and now, gods, now the touch of that wet tongue dipping inside that ear. Yes, there was no denying it, she was beginning to get aroused.

"Perhaps so, but you're longing to find you aren't you, Seven?" Kathryn whispered and nibbled on the blonde's earlobe.

"Yes, Kathryn, I am." Seven confirmed.

"If I were to stick my hand in your panties, would I find a hot wet cunt or an impassive borg vagina?" Kathryn asked. Long and difficult experience had shown her that the easiest and most efficient way to induce Seven's arousal was to get her to engage in the sultry seduction of words she practiced.

"A hot wet cunt, I believe, Kathryn." Seven said with the merest hint of arousal beginning to creep into the tones of her voice.

"If you're lying to me I will be most upset, and you know what happens when I'm upset, don't you, Seven?" Kathryn said as she ran her hand from Seven's back, around, under her armpit where she scratched lightly causing Seven to twitch gently.

"You beat me." Seven replied as she felt Kathryn's hand make slow progress to the folds of her robe and then in, running down her naked flesh which brought a sigh from both women. Kathryn had neglected to remove the belt which would prove to be an obstacle, so Seven deflty unfastened it and let her robe fall open. Kathryn smirked at this action and continued to run her finger nails gently over the borg's belly and over the smooth mound of her sex before sliding over the lips which indeed were beginning to show the slickness of arousal. Running a finger over Seven's folds again, firmer, firm enough to part the delicate folds Kathryn felt the pleasing warmth and moisture of Seven's arousal.

"But you are not lying, so you shall not be whipped tonight." Kathryn darted her tongue into Seven's ear again. "Unless you beg for it."

"Desiring punishment is ilogical." Seven stated, but there was a tremor in her voice, that of unertainty and arousal. Kathryn's finger slowly made its way over the lips of her sex again and again, smearing them with her own lubricant. It was a subtle form of torture, Seven was convinced. Kathryn did not need to beat her to cause her frustration and discomfort, she had found another way.

"You sound uncertain, Seven, you never sound uncertain. Is your cunt distracting you? Is my fingering you distracting you?" Kathryn smiled and licked her lips. She could feel Seven begin to tremble and that meant only one thing, the games were afoot. It always amazed Kathryn how quick Seven was to orgasm. 'Then again,' she always thought to herself, 'if I'd gone all my life without good sex, I probably would be too.'

"Yes, Kathryn," Seven swallowed, "I am distracted."

"What is distracting you, Seven? My fingering you? Or the way your cunt feels? Perhaps the fact that you know you're going to get fucked tonight?"

"All of that is proving distracting, Kathryn," the Borg's voice was breahty now, her lust was bringing the human within Seven to the surface, "and more. You are not touching my clit, it is frustrating."

"You know very well that I will touch your clitty only when I desire it, Seven. You know very well that you are my plaything, that I will decide what it is that is to be done with your body." There was nothing idle in what she said, it was all true. Seven was her sexual slave. Some time ago Seven had been talked into confessing to Janeway, after a long session of love making that had left both women glistening with sweat, that as she knew nothing of sexual activities save what the Doctor had tried to teach her, and what Kathryn was successfully demonstrating, coupled with the fact that Kathryn seemed eager to lead the way in their encounters, that it would be sensible for Seven to offer herself to her Captain.

It was a long discussion, in which Kathryn had explained the relationship she planned for Seven as a slave to her, the difficulties and ultimate rewards. Seven had seen it as a logical step in their relationship and agreed with the words she echoed now. "I am yours, Kathryn, completely, to do with what you will."

"Yes Seven," Kathryn said, rewarding her compliance with a flick of the clitoris, "you are." Seven gasped as she felt the finger impact with her button and sank her face into Kathryn's shoulder. Kathryn let go of her and stood back. "Disrobe, I want to see your body." She looked Seven over and smiled to herself. "Leave the stockings and heels, they look good on you." Seven nodded and slipped the robe from her shoulders. It glid gracefully down her body, forming a pool of liquid satin that shone in the candle-light. Next was the bra, unfastened in short order and dropped to join the robe in a pile on the floor. Kathryn's tongue tip emerged from between her lips, where it was held fast by teeth clamping down upon it. Seeing Seven's breasts freed to nudity was always a powerful experience. What amazed Kathryn was their ability to defy gravity. What delighted her was the soft curve, leading the eye naturally to the most beautiful nipples. Long but not overly so, they were an inviting treat that called to her and whispered to her to do terrible things to them. Often, Kathryn relented to the whisperings. But she placed such thoughts into check for now as the greatest unveiling was still to come.

Seven was aware of the effect it had on Kathryn to see her disrobe, and as such she tried to make it as enjoyable to watch as she could. She slipped her thumbs into the waist band of her panties and pulled them out, rather than down. This served the rather pleasant purpose of pulling the material taught against her cunt. She observed the smile that appeared on Kathryn's face as the crotch of her panties darkened slightly, the sheer material absorbing her moisture. "Don't have too much fun, Seven, I want to see that naked cunt." Kathryn instructed and Seven nodded, with a smile of her own, as she slowly slipped the panties down to her thighs. She remembered Kathryn saying there was something attractive about a girl with her panties not quite off, and her cunt exposed, so she paused like this for a little while, letting Kathryn take in the site for a few moments before closing her thighs and letting them flutter down her elegantly tapered legs. Once they had come to rest on the floor she stepped with as much grace as she could manage from them and the other clothes collected around her ankles.

"You have a spectacular body, sweet." Kathryn complimented as she walked past her, looking over her shoulder to admire that astounding rear, on her way to the bed. "Join me." Seven turned and followed Kathryn into the bedroom, where Kathryn stood by the foot of the bed. "Undress me." Kathryn commanded and Seven nodded as she approached to comply.

She started with Kathryn's uniform jacket. Unzipping it and easing it gently from her shoulders. Unlike her own clothes, shed and discarded in a heap, Kathryn's garments were treated with near reverence by Kathryn's Borg lover. The reason was simple, to do otherwise would lead to a whipping. Seven folded the top and placed it down on the top of a near by table. Once again she returned and repeated the action with the grey undershirt. As with the jacket the top was removed with care and dilligence, folded, and set down neatly. Seven sank to her knees. "Might you sit so I can remove your boots, Kathryn?" She asked, her eyes down on the boots she spoke of.

"I think that can be arranged." Kathryn allowed as she settled on the foot of the bed, crossing her legs and placing one boot into Seven's hands. The boot was unzipped and carefully eased from her foot with both hands. Kathryn recrossed her legs and placed the second boot into Seven's careful fingers. It joined its twin in short order at the foot of the bed. Her feet now freed she flexed her toes as she parted her legs slightly, standing to allow Seven to remove her pants which she did without standing. Seven drew the waistband of Kathryn's pants gently from her hips and gasped as she sleek black Klingon phallus came into site. "What do you think?" Kathryn enquired as she took hold of the shaft in one hand, stroking gently, enjoying the feelings it shot into her body.

"It is," Seven paused as she studied it. Kathryn stepped from her pants and Seven stood, folding them and placing them with her other garments. "Large" she finished as she turned to face Kathryn again.

Kathryn couldn't help but laugh as she took Seven's arm and pulled her towards and past her, tossing her lover onto the bed with little of the tenderness Seven had shown her. "That's right, I have a big cock and I'm going to fuck you with it." Kathryn said with a leer as she crawled up onto the bed over her. "I'll let you chose how I fuck you, I'm in a generous mood."

Seven smiled. She had read much on sexual positions and she had enough information to formulate the correct decision to please Kathryn. Firstly, Kathryn was evidently in a forceful mood. This was evident in the way she had been thrown to the bed. Secondly Kathryn wanted to penetrate her, forcefully also. The obvious choice was made and Seven rolled over, getting on to all fours and raising her ass in a submissive presentation. Kathryn appreciated the act and gave Seven a forceful slap on a butt cheek for her trouble. Admiring and stroking the red mark her palm left. "Doggy style?" She asked, slightly amused.

"It allows for deeper penetration, Kathryn, and is typically seen as a subserviant posture. I thought it was appropriate." Seven explained.

"It's also how a bitch gets fucked." Kathryn said, restarting her oral assault. "Do you want to be fucked like a bitch? Want to be my bitch, hmm?" She ran a finger into the crevice forming the line of Seven's ass.

"Yes, Kathryn, I do. I want to be your Bitch." Seven said, again her passion was beginning to come to the surface.

"You're turning into quite the slut, Seven." Kathryn observed as she stroked the girl's ass, rewarded by Seven swaying her hips, swaying her ass as she inticed Kathryn to mount her. "Perhaps it's a bad idea to fuck you with this big cock, you might enjoy it too much." She grinned as she slid a finger into her most receptive and submissive lover. "I've created a monster as it is." She grinned.

"A monster you enjoy, Kathryn, do not deny it." Seven said as she looked over her shoulder, her eyes alight with lust and fixed on the cock that jutted from Kathryn's body.

There it was! The fiesty and free female Seven became when she was aroused. Kathryn mmm'd appreciatively of Seven's tone. "I do, it's true."

"Then fuck me, Kathryn. Enjoy me." Seven looked forward again and dropped her shoulders, pushing her ass up. "Please, Kathryn, take my cherry."

Kathryn's eyes widened as she continued to slowly stroke her fingers within Seven. "Where'd you hear that, sweet?"

"You know I have researched sex thoroughly, you shouldn't be surprised." Seven grumbled, tiring of the small talk, grinding her hips against Kathryn's fingers.

"You're right, I forgot," She leaned in and sank her teeth into that inviting flesh, that beautiful bottom. Seven gasped loudly and shuddered as she felt the skin break, "I forgot what a slut you've become." Kathryn said and shifted between the blonde's strong thighs, placing the tip of her cock to Seven's cunt lips, sighing happily at the feelings that came of the slick flesh running over her cock head.

"Fuck me!" Seven implored, pushing her hips back. Kathryn however had the situation in hand, and had one final frustration left for the girl before she gave her what she wanted.

"Unlubricated? You're dripping, Seven, but not even you are that wet." She grinned as she pulled back again. "You know where it is." Seven whimpered as she reached for a draw in the bedside cabinet, scrabling within it until her hand closed around the bottle of lubricant Kathryn used on her phallic toys and reaching back to hand it to her. "Thank you, sweet." Kathryn said as she took the bottle and squeezed a generous helping over the shaft. She worked the fluid over its surface with a fist and suddenly understood why B`Ellana was so keen on using it to get off. The feeling of her hand pumping her shaft, fucking her fist like this, it was heavenly and so unlike a mere fingering, even with vibrating pads on the tips of her fingers. She groaned loudly causing Seven to watch her over her shoulder again.

"Kathryn! Don't fuck yourself, please, fuck me." She looked forward and down. "I need it." She admitted quietly, all the signs of borg speech patterns vanished from her voice.

Kathryn opened her eyes and looked to the pink, inviting cunt before her and to the tip of what she was now beginning to truly think of as her cock and her face became a picture of mischief. "How selfish of me, I forgot all about your horny little cunt." She placed the tip of her cock to Seven's entrance and took hold of the woman's hips. Taking a firm grip she lunged herself forward, hitting bottom quickly and throwing her body weight over Seven's, following through. "Forgive me?" She whispered by Seven's ear.

Judging by the loud and long moan uttered from deep within her lover she was entirely forgiven. "Good." Kathryn said, her tone back to her forceful dominance as she leant up on her hips and dug her nails into Seven's, beginning to fuck her lover with abandon. It was earth-moving. Kathryn couldn't believe the primal pleasure she felt from Seven's seering cunt gripping onto her cock tightly, shuddering as she plunged into the girl's depths repeatedly, she let her hands drop on either side of Seven's shoulders and put her entire body weight behind the thrusts, forcing Seven to rock forward on her knees with each stroke. For her part Seven was no longer able to think let alone speak, all that came were moans and assorted sounds of pleasure she couldn't even put a label to. The feeling of such an invader entering her with such force, the feeling of her lover's breath between her shoulder blades, on the back of her neck. Nipples grazing her back, hips slapping into her generous buttocks. Her cunt twitching and contracting around the thick shaft of Kathryn's cock. The sensations were too much, she had nothing against which she could compare the experience, and there had been nothing in her life that had prepared her. The sex was rough, it was primal, it was violent. It was precisely what Janeway wanted, and precisely what Seven needed.

Janeway, that night, had not been satisfied with only one orgasm from her lover, or for herself. Though Seven pleaded with her to have mercy many times Kathryn had refused to stop. She had become a woman posessed, the new sensations were so intense she wanted to explore them to their utmost. She couldn't help but notice that the orgasms she obtained through the deliciously evil device embedded deep within both herself and her lover were a strange hybrid, the pressure of the harness on her clit brought fourth delicious clitorial orgasms, the fullness of the phallus lodged within her threw her into deep and fulfilly vaginal orgasms but above all there was another orgasm, one the like of which she'd never felt that came from the feel of Seven's cunt grasping her cock deep within the Borg's body. She relented only when she no longer had the strength to move against the friction of Seven's sex and slowly withdrew, falling to the sheets and pulling Seven with her, kissing the back of her neck as she tucked her Cock between her lover's thighs, moaning at the sensation.

"That," Seven attempted to speak through her breathless exhaustion and manged a few words, "was different."

Janeway smiled and nipped at her lover's shoulder and waited for her own breath to return. "It was. Did you like it?"

"Very much." Seven admitted, turning to face Kathryn and resting her forehead against the Captain's.

"Then you didn't want me to stop?" Kathryn said with a smirk.

"No I," she examined Kathryn's face, looking for hints, "am not sure why I said that."

"I am." Kathryn said with a smile. "Because you were enjoying it so deeply you felt sure you could take no more." Seven nodded and Kathryn kissed her gently. "Are you angry at me for not stopping when you asked me to?"

Seven blushed brightly and placed her face in Kathryn's shoulder. "I am glad you did not."

Kathryn simply smiled and rolled onto her back, stroking the girl's long blond hair and inhaling the scent of sweat and well pleasured women. She would certainly not forget this night for a long time, and would make it her top priority to talk to B`Ellana about where she got that miracle of technology, and whether she could replicate one easily. It would be worth the replicator rations, well worth them.