Basic Hygiene?

Water and scented suds took an exploratory course down awe-inspiring contours and heat- pink skin.  Seven leaned forward to drown her head in the flowing water, thoroughly enjoying this 'bath'.

"This is of course, inefficient."  She remarked to her female companion.

"I know, but it's fun, isn't it?" Naomi answered back from where she knelt in the holodeck-generated pond below Seven, sailing a yellow duck in circles.

"Yes, I must admit.  How does one know when the bath is complete?"  Seven asked.

"Whenever.  When you're ready to get out or when Mom yells at you...well, me I mean.  Do your fingers and toes look like raisins?"

"Raisins?"  Seven observed her digits carefully.  "Yes, Arcturian raisins. Neelix served them in the mess hall two nights ago."

"Then you're done."

Seven dunked her head once more before ordering the holodeck computer to terminate water flow.  She took a towel from a convenient tree branch and first applied it to her hair.  As she rubbed her head and ears, Naomi chattered on, neatly disguising the sound of opening holodeck doors.

"It's so great that the Doctor said you could have water baths even with your implants.  Aren't you glad I asked him for you?  Sonic showers are no fun at all.  I mean, if all you want is to get clean-"

"Is that not the purpose of a bath?"  Seven mumbled from under her towel.

"I find that baths help me relax."  The captain broke in, with a grin that widened considerably at Seven's startled jump and instinctive attempt to reposition the towel.  "It looks like you two have certainly been enjoying yours."

"Hey Seven, you sure you don't want to come swimming before you get dry?  It's okay, the Captain's a girl too, you know."

Seven glanced from the Captain to Naomi and back.  "Actually I must start my duty shift soon, perhaps a raincheck, Naomi.  But, since the Captain is a 'girl, too', perhaps she'll stay and swim with you."  Seven held the captain's gaze with an unconscious air of challenge as she straightened and shook out the towel with intriguing jiggling movements, then swept it around and wrapped herself up with deliberate lack of speed.  The Captain's composure didn't outwardly falter, but Seven noticed that her eyes dilated and darkened a little.  With a grin that she felt but did not reveal, Seven proceeded to the changing room.

(Okay, that's it, short and sweet.  :)  Feedback would be great, if any of you are still awake after all that coma-inducing turkey & fixins.) Trilly

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