Voyager "She's So High"

A Janeway vid to Tal Bachman's "She's So High". Ya gotta love her!

Voyager "Edge of the Ocean"

Voyager "1973"

A J/C vid to "1973" by James Blunt.


Voyager "Bitch"

Yes, I know, the song has already been used several times for Janeway, but...I just couldn't help it!


Janeway Shining Light

"Shining Light" by Ash to the hot redheaded Captain Janeway!




Voyager "Macy's Day Parade"

Janeway's tired of her life aboard Voyager, and starts wondering what it is she REALLY wants.


Voyager "Inside Out"

Janeway, the misunderstood sadist, tires of having to compromise for everyone else and decides to be herself and get a little revenge. Song is "Inside Out" by Eve 6.