Water From the Moon

Chakotay's desperation. What more can he do? He's done everything for her! (Creative challenge was to do an entire video with only pictures.)



It is You

Janeway realizes who she loved all along ...but is it too late? My first JetC video.



Janeway loves Chakotay. But she is a captain on a mission... a mission she will give her life to accomplish.



I Surrender

Janeway's unspoken desire. We all know that Kathryn Janeway never surrenders to anything. But there is just one thing we wish she would surrender to! It's what I would do if I sat everyday next to that tall, dark, and handsome first officer!



I Love You

Janeway gets a letter from Chakotay.



At the Beginning

When I heard this song I couldn't help but think JetC! Every verse seems to sing their story. What I wouldn't give to be "at the beginning" again (and forget that ending)! Go J/C!!!!!



Le vol d'un ange

Angels of the heavens! Memories of Chakotay and Janeway.


Je cherche l'ombre

Beverly and Kathryn look for the shadow, away from the spotlight of their roles and their ranks. A moment to "take off the uniform" as Picard would say. My first J/C, P/C video. This song is from Celine's newest album "D'elles".