Geico Commercial ~Voyager Style~

This took me like, 5 seconds to make. It's two thirty in the morning. I'm just silly now :P


Kathryn Janeway ~Far Away~

I beginning to think that I'm depressed because the videos I spawn are increasingly becoming more sad. [...]


Scene ~Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy~

Currently I'm a vocal performance major in the opera department at the University of Arizona, so you can imagine how this cracked me up!! Oh I find this absolutely hilarious, I hope you all enjoy!! :):) (first scene from the beginning of Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy).


Janeways Broken Heart ~Don't Speak~

How DOES Kathryn Janeway feel about the whole seven of nine and Chakotay relationship? Hope you all enjoy, please rate and comment :D!

Dedicated to Janeway ~Drops of Jupiter~

This started out as a J/C video but I decided to dedicate to Kathryn Janeway, my favorite Captain and Star Trek character of any series!! It does have some good J/C moments though, of course ;) Hope you all enjoy!