Keeper of light


What have you done?


Sitting on the moon

Janeway/Mark video


Cold water

I was wondering what Janeway might have thought of when she had her depression in "Night" So this is my guess



Oh god...since I saw Kate on Fedcon there was somewhat of red alert going on in my head. I couldn't help but be obsessed by her. Last week I stumbled upon the song "push the limits" by Enigma which I thought expressed exactly this obsession. So I started to make a video. So far, so good ;)


A new day has come / 11.59


J/C Crimes

Angsty video "9 crimes" by Damien Rice


Extremis - JC

Do you remember the Botha? That alien species from "Persistence of vision" who could buried wishes make come true? I always thought, Janeway should have had a better fantasy than that kissing scene with Mark in the turbolift. Well, here it is ;) Contains nudity and is naughty :p


A short tribute to the auburn goddess

After seeing the auburn goddess on Fedcon 16 I have to add itīs not only the auburn, but the royal auburn goddess. Iīve never seen so much elegance, beauty and glance in just one person. [...]


A sad legend (J/C)


The essence of Janeway



JetC - The Movie Part 1



JetC - The Movie Part 4