Voyager Crew - Voyager's Angels

A just for fun vid, voyager's tough girls as Voyager`s angels, you know, like Charlie's Angel...


Voyager J/C/7 - Who's that girl?

Janeway's asking Chakotay who's that girl at his side and why it's not her...


Voyager J/7 - All about us

This song strucked me awhile ago, I just thought it would fit


Voyager Janeway - Janeway became insane

Sometimes Janeway gets annoyed of her crew, especially of her first officer...a just-for-fun-vid, I was bored yesterday


Voyager J/C/7 - Beautiful Liar


Voyager J/C/7 - Girlfriend


Voyager Crew - Love is a battlefield


Voyager J/C/7 - She's Madonna


Voyager Crew - Sisters are doin' it for themselves


Voyager Crew - I don't need a man