Kate at FedCon 16


Kate about Garrett Wang


Kate Mulgrew at the Fedcon XVI - Saturday pannel - June 2007

I was at the Fedcon last June in Bonn (Germany) seeing Kate live is each time UNIQUE & leaves you breathless - she is SO GREAT !!! here is a small taste :)


Kate Mulgrew autograph session FedCon 16

Kate signing at the autograph session at FedCon 16, Bonn (Germany).



FedCon 16: Kate Mulgrew leaving hotel

Kate and her hubby Tim Hagan were leaving the Maritim Hotel at Bonn for attending the 'Castle Dinner' after FedCon's Closing Ceremony on June 10th, 2007.


Kate Mulgrew on politics, FedCon XVI, June 9, 2007

Kate is asked if the young people of America will learn from the what's happening now in the US government and use their votes to change the direction of the country. I loved her response so much I had to make a clip of this small part


FedCon 16 - Kate Mulgrew