Kate and Tim at Vulkon 2007

Kate Mulgrew and Tim Russ reminisce at the Vulkon Convention in Columbus Ohio, 2007.



My Three Minutes With Kate

Ok, so it's just shy of three minutes, but still. On July 14, 2007 Kate was at the Vulkon convention in Columbus, Ohio. A lady asked a question about an episode she couldn't remember the name of. She is the lady you hear first. Kate asked if anyone knew the episode and I told the guy with the microphone. When Kate asked if anybody knew what it was about, the guy handed me the mic. You can hear me answer her questions at about 01:20. Immediately after that, my friend and I read Kate a poem we had written for her!!


Kate Mulgrew listens to a poem

This is a video taken at this year's Vulkon convention, where Kate listened to a poem written by two VERY dedicated fans. (It was taken with a little digital camera- so sorry for the quality/shaking.)


Tim Russ Ohio Convention 2007


Kate Mulgrew/ Ohio Convention 2007 Part 1


Kate Mulgrew/ Ohio Convention 2007 Part 2


Tim Russ hides in the audience


Klingon or Borg? Vulkon Columbus 2007