Kathryn awakens slowly unsure of what roused her from her sleep. All she knew was that she was aroused and her heart was pumping. Then she feels it, something, someone between her thighs. Her legs open and over shoulders, my mouth consuming her. She feels my tongue sweep through her parted labia, the tip flicking her eager clit. Hips bucking in an ancient rhythm wanting more and as she grips the bed sheets she feels me slide my fingers in to her, curling up to brush her g-spot. She is panting now, her head thrashing on the pillow, she is unable to speak but low moans escape her throat. She feels like I am sucking her soul from her body.

I am watching her move and twitch to wakefulness. I have been slowly making love to her unconscious body, slowly arousing her lust as I arouse her from her sleep. I started by softly pulling the sheet from her nakedness and softly playing my fingertips over sensitive nipples. I smile as they reach greedily for a firmer touch, she arches her back slightly in her sleep and I move my right hand, my fully human hand, down to her stomach, loving the play of her muscles as they undulate beneath the taut skin. I move my face closer to her aching right nipple and gently lick the hard nub before blowing and causing it to tighten again. She takes a sharp breath in her sleep, no doubt believing she is in an erotic dream. I pull back to watch her settle back down and repeat the action on the left side, this time she catches me out by arching her back sharply pushing her nipple between my lips. I give in to an impulse and nip her erect nipple eliciting a deep sensual moan from her throat, which drives me mad. I move my hand further down and cup her silken mound, the skin is hot to my touch and her legs part willingly giving me access to her molten core. I slide two fingers between her lips and she feels my touch either side of her clit. I move down to position myself to taste her, I want her to cum in my mouth. I want to feel the powerful release as her throbbing pussy pumps out her juices. As I shoulder her legs I allow my fingers to slip inside her hot wet pussy and lower my mouth to her erect clit. This is where she finds me as she awakens to full screaming climax. This is where I watch her body sweating and pounding to the powerful release of a satisfying orgasm. I dont release her clit until I have drained every last ounce of pleasure from her body. Working her to near blackout I finally relinquish my hold when her body comes to rest boneless on the now damp sheets, I crawl up the bed and pull her perfection into my embrace as she drifts back to sleep.

I love you my Kathryn. I whisper and smile when I hear a sleep rough voice reply.

I love you too, my Seven.

The End.