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Seven looked at the Captain who was laying on her stomach on the bed. Seven stared at the scars on the Captain's body crossing the skin - the one on her soulder where chief Irons had shot her, a neat little scar in the front of Janeway's right shoulder and a bigger and more crude one where the standard-issue Hydra Shock-bullet had torn her flesh and skin as it had exited her body- and felt a strange need to touch them. Janeway felt that Seven was staring at her. She wasn't entirely sure wheter or not to let Seven know that she was awake. Somehow she had assumed Seven would know.

Seven placed her index finger onto the scar on Janeway's shoulder and trailed its edge with her Borg hand. The organic metal mesh was more sensitive than the skin on her right human hand. She memorized the details of Janeway's skin. The shape of the scar, the frecles on the skin, the sensation. Seven was confused. Janeway's skin was obviously imperfect, damaged and yet when Seven touched it and looked at it, she found herself thinking it was perfection. Those obvious imperfections were what made it Janeway's skin and at some point Seven had begun to regard Janeway's skin as perfection.

Janeway held her breath without even realising it. "Oh God..." Janeway thought. She wondered if Seven knew she was aware of her touch. Janeway deduced that Seven didn't know. Otherwise she would've stopped, surely. Janeway was right. Seven would've noticed the captain was awake had she not been so fascinated by her skin.

"Oh God, Seven. What are you doing and why? Do you even know how... Good it feels? Please... Whatever the answer, don't stop. "