Name PG-13

A nameless member of the crew finds a recording of Janeway in a private moment.

Not Curiosity - Desire NC-17

After destroying the Omega molecule, Janeway joins Seven on the holodeck.

The Dress NC-17

Seven helps Janeway dress for a formal dinner. You decide what happens next . . .

V-E Day NC-17

Janeway and Seven return to the WWII holodeck program. The war has ended.

Sometimes More Fiercely PG

Several years after Voyager's return to Earth, Captain Janeway visits Seven.

The Thing He Loves PG

After Captain Janeway is critically injured, Chakotay and Seven comfort each other.

Only me PG

This is a spinoff of Michele Masterson's wonderful Belated. Seven's point of view.

Five PG

It's the fifth year in the Delta Quadrant, and Janeway thinks about her crew.

Watching PG
Seven and Janeway watch each other.
Kiss me PG
Seven asks Janeway to kiss her.
Right About One Thing NC-17

After the Equinox is destroyed, Captain Janeway speaks to Seven.

Impunity PG-13

After Voyager, back on Earth, Janeway and Seven.

Arrogance PG
Janeway remembers the Borg Cube.
Vouvray PG
Janeway attends a lunch for the recently returned Voyager crew.
Giddy PG-13

Voyager has returned to Earth and Janeway attends a Starfleet party.

Not a Story R

Summary: Janeway and Seven celebrate an anniversary. Sort of.

Present NC-17

Summary: A holiday story. Kashyk records himself with Janeway and gives the file as a present. You choose the recipient.

Visitor (written with Kelly) NC-17

Kashyk designs a holoprogram for Janeway. You decide with whom they share it. I certainly decided only Seven ;-)

Going Away (written with Kelly) NC-17