An B. Cay (domain has expired)

A little white bunny (01, 02)


A captain can't always be your friend, not even when you are a six feet tall, gorgeous blonde.

A Mirror Story


However humiliating it may be, sometimes you need friends to keep you alive, to keep you healthy and to keep you sane. No matter how much you want to be by yourself.

Days of Love


How does a captain let a beautiful woman know that she can't get her out of her mind.

Inside these Walls incomplete (01, 02)


Assumptions, assumptions and more assumptions and where do they get you? In the arms of the woman you love? Or completely out of her reach? Hmm.
J/7, season 7 post Human Error, with very oblique references to that episode, to Someone to Watch Over Me, to The Voidand to

Leaving You Dry


Heat, heat, heat; every kind of heat. It's killing you, but you can't walk out on these negotiations. Oh hell!



Those eyebrows... the way they move, the way they express every emotion on that face... Irresistable.

(like love)


What is love about? Faith or luck? Or maybe a bit of both.