And a child shall lead them
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My first attempt at fan fiction writing and a ten part series. The result was my personal musings by which, I intertwined various beliefs into one highly advanced intelligent species. Child is my personal introspect, into what I conceive a higher being could be. And if it is at all possible, I imagined that this being is far different than the written word of man.

Cry for the forgotten
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This story has become what I classify as my love child. It is centered around those old  Bogie detective movies of yore, I watched and loved as a child. Cry, takes place in the New York City of the late 1930's.  As someone who enjoyed the detective genre of old. I invite all of you to join me on a wild chase filled with multiple twist and turns and of course, an erotic J/7 romance.

The Mirror incomplete (01, 02)


A haunting  new J/7 uber in which I explore an aspect of Janeway portrayed in 'The void'. This is an episode I found intriguing and wondered what set of events would cause her to retreat into a depressiom.

La danse masquée de renaissance
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Completed Series and based on the Phantom of the Opera.