Angela McNelly

Time Makes Us Bolder PG

Summary: Voyager returns home, after nineteen years, minus one major player, inspiring Janeway and Seven's little girl to compose a loving good-bye. Mark gets his just deserts. Seven meets Janeway's mom. Lots of love and a little humor. Sorry no sex.

A Touch of Home NC-17

Summary: A romantic piece of fluff. Janeway and Seven finally share their feelings for each other. Lots of love and mending of lonely spirits.

Epiphany PG-13

Summary: I don't want to give too much away here. Suffice it to say that I believe in light of Janeway's behavior in season six, it is obvious to me that she will need two things in order to keep from going insane. The same two things we all need, someone we love more than ourselves and someone we respect more than ourselves. Right now, in canon, Janeway has neither. She also has no one to answer to except herself. In this story I've remedied that situation. This is a song fic and kind of angsty. (Told you it was going to be long.)

Nobody Knows NC-17

Summary: Janeway records personal logs expressing her emotional turmoil due to her growing feelings for Seven. Taking her frustrations to the holodeck, causes a public scene. She is confronted by Seven about her less than usual actions, which... I'm not telling the rest. You'll have to read for yourself. Spoilers: "Dark Frontier", "The Voyager Conspiracy" and "Fair Haven".

Ransom of Two NC-17

A J/C (eeeeeeewwwww), J/7 (yaaaaaaaay) time travel, assassination, sacrifice, h/c, save the earth kinda piece. Contains slight spoilers for the ep "Relativity".

Safe Haven: Treachery R

This story is the first of a trilogy. Voyager returns home to a sinister mess of lies and deception. It seems that the Federation isn't as spotless as it once was. A daring rescue and as always, love, love, love. Violence warning on this one folks.

Release and Redemption PG
A J/7 poem about breaking chains and building bonds.