The Ovarian Cast of Thousands  

The Starship Ovaria, an Intrepid Class vessel staffed by all of the best-known women the Federation had to offer; past, present and future.
This is a story of Q's best-laid plans to get laid and procreate another Q. Known for his excessiveness, one Era, he had an idea for a plan that he felt would improve his odds in siring progeny. Little did he conceive when it turned out to be less than he had hoped for, or did it?


Designed to let off tangential steam, QUICKIES are merely snapshots into random incidences that would occur as though you were on board the Voyager and were privy to snippets of gossip. They will probably deny any rating other than "T" for tacky, but oh well. Oh yeah characters of Voyager are Paramount's, just abusin' them for awhile. No money could ever possibly be made from these anyway.

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