Wish Upon A Star


A little planetfall, a little R&R, a little heartbreak...
A Perfect Day R
Loosely a sequel to Wish Upon A Star. A day at the beach.
Her Eyes' Silence PG

Seven of Nine is badly ill with a Borg virus which is affecting her nanoprobes.

Lords and Lady Creatures: a cinderella story R
A tale of Voyager's very first Masquerade Ball. Not very fairy-like.
Partners in the Sublime


Special Disclaimers: This story has no plot. It was inspired by and named for Claudia Christian's song, the B-side to "Taboo". It begins with mild humour, and ends with sex. Women on women - on women. J/T/7. You have been warned.

Fade to Black PG

Plague on Voyager. It has elements of subtext if you want to see them (J/7, naturally), but not overtly a romantic story. Quite overtly a depressing story.

Sensation PG-13

In many ways ambivalent as to perspective, but believe it or not - a product of writer's block on another story.

Finite Regret PG
A little dark. Set just after Infinite Regress.
Birthday surprise  
j7-3 PG

Another piece of perspective play. No real plot - more an emotion thing. Minor spoilers for "The Killing Game".

Who Was That Mark Man?  
Voyager A Play for Voices PG

A completely different format for me, and actually from most things I've read except for Dylan Thomas' "Under Milk Wood". I highly recommend that play, and - as far as I recommend my own fiction - this, too.  

Vox R

A slightly dark, slightly smutty sort of thing that follows on from "Dark Frontier" (and contains spoilers to it). Self-contained, but intended to be the beginning of a much longer story, wherein the title will make more sense.

The Chill of the Night PG-13

Semistory/vignette. Not a particularly overtly romantic thing, but may (when I catch up on all the stories I have to write) be the basis for a Seven-psych story. Based on/spoilers for Dark Frontier.

The Anthropologist 
(01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06)

Content: Words my mother would be ashamed of me for. Shameless lesbianism. Shameful plot gimmick buried in genuine writing. (See if you can spot it!)
Other notes: It's Janeway/Seven. Really. Trust me. Despite appearances.
The lyrics from the 'half-remembered torch song' Sally sings fragments of are actually taken from Vox, by Sarah McLachlan.

Spectator Sport PG

A Challenge from the janeway-seven list at (then) Onelist. Premise: Janeway and Seven get stuck in a holodeck. Story is told by B'Elanna, because I was playing around with perspectives.

Killing Time PG

A challenge piece for the Janeway-Seven eGroups list. Janeway and Seven are trapped in a blown-out Jefferies tube. Janeway tells a story to pass the time before rescue.

Laboratory Diversion  
Prayers to Broken Stone PG-13

Based on TS Eliot's poem "The Hollow Men". It is absurdly short for something that took me a couple of months to write. It spent most of that time 'fractured', sitting in my subconscious making it look all cluttered, and on my hard drive with big gaps in it.

Night Time PG
Mildly angsty. Short.  
pas de deux PG-13

Written sometime in '99, I think based on the idea that even the great Captain Janeway needs must buckle under the strain occasionally.

The Path of Thorns R

Special Notes: The title Path of Thorns comes from Sarah McLachlan's song "The Path of Thorns (Terms)". The story bears little relation to the song, barring the title, and a little of the idea of Janeway and Chakotay's marriage being derived from it. The name Gay Deceiver comes from the Heinlein novel The Number of the Beast.
Set ten years after Voyager returns to Earth, beginning with a reunion dinner at the home of Kathryn and husband Chakotay. A little bit J/7 and a little bit rock and roll.