Supersleuth Trekbottom L.

My Own Private Indiana NC-17
Summary: Goaded by Chakotay's increasing visits to Astrometrics, Kathryn finally gets up the nerve to disclose to Seven her romantic feelings for her over dinner. Story happens after the episode "Imperfection". Nice scene in Astrometrics in that episode, too.
Protocol 47 J/7/(T) NC-17
Summary: An oversight on the Captain's part complicates B'lanna's re-alignment of the Warp drive.
Rice Pilaf J/7/T NC-17
Summary: Janeway wakes up with one fucker of a headache, and a couple of other surprises. Written for Round 18 of the FFF.
Traditions PG-13
Summary: The Captain asks Seven to research the holiday of Christmas.