Innocence PG

Seven reflects on her relationship with Captain Janeway. A bit on the dark side of the spectrum.

The queen's collective G

Seven compares Voyager to The Collective, Captain Janeway to the Borg Queen.

Under the steel Poem
Poem, Seven's pov, "hidden love."
La belle musique (01, 02, 03) Uber

Kathryn Janeway, Concertmistress of the Paris Symphonia, has been dealt a few changes in her symphony, and the arrival of the new Principal Cellist, Annika Hansen, is the biggest. Can Janeway learn to accept Annika's place in the symphony? Will Annika and Kathryn embrace the love they find has grown between them? Not nearly finished, but the "Prelude" and Allemande, First Repetition, are up and running.

Red PG

Seven't pov, reflecting on the impace of the colour red, and the pain she feels now. Warning: Character near-death situation, unresolved.