Katharsis Nine


Notes: This little story came to me one night while watching “Dark Frontier”. I couldn’t stop laughing, so I had to write it up. This is my first attempt at Star Trek Fanfic. Not exactly slash, but not exactly fluff, either.

Fail-safe Maneuvers NC-17

Summary & Notes: Last time, our heroes were dealing with such issues as…oh, I don’t know…overhearing an interesting conversation between Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine. What really happened that morning? Only they know. Oh sure, B’Elanna, Tom, Harry, and Neelix have some ideas, but are they really prepared to face the earth-shattering truth? “Gee, why don’t we check out those Holodeck files from the Hirogen occupation so we can get a better idea on what’s going on?” Smooth move, Harry. The question is, can Tom deal with it? Can B’Elanna? And exactly what’s in that bottle, Neelix?

Damned revelations NC-17
Summary: People to see, things to do, places to go and people to screw…
Miracle Man NC-17
Summary: Everything will always catch up with you no matter what…