Robin  Lawrie

A Lover's Touch PG

How much does Seven miss being in the Collective? Some days more than others.

Clueless PG

Janeway has a bad day. Seven listens to her. Robin gets frustrated and wants to bang their heads together to make them see reason. 

Bare Naked Bottoms R

A filk about Janeway and Seven taken from the Barenaked Ladies song "One Week". My first filk. Be gentle with me

Spider Bite NC-17

I don't often have Janeway on the receiving end. Sometimes even the toppiest of people want to try catching instead of pitching. So, here's a story about some consensual play of the hurty variety.  This story won the Golden Labyrys Award; click to see more winners.

Penis? Irrelevant! NC-17

What would happen if the Borg had assimilated some radical lesbian anti dildo feminists. Would Janeway be impressed? I think not! 

Choose Again NC-17

Fifteen years into Voyagers flight. Janeway is given another chance.

Dream A Little Dream NC-17
Janeway calls Seven over for coffee, and then they have sex.
Casually Rough R

Body contact going too far. A matter of crew morale. Is intervention necessary?

Caregiver PG
The end of a long journey for Janeway and Seven.
Feet First NC-17

Janeway convinces Seven that sometimes it's better to go the long way round. 

Asking Nicely: Dueling Rednecks Version R

This is what happens when you run a simple little treksmut through the Dialectiser. 

A Fine Line NC-17

Janeway and Seven test their limits to the extreme. 

Men of Trek: VOY Photoshoot R

Summary: Janeway explains the allure of naughty pictures to her friend Seven and arranges a slide night.

For What It's Worth R

The Captain writes a last letter to Seven. Janeway didn’t count on dying so soon, but she’s glad she did. 

Fair Game R
An armed and dangerous Janeway playing games with Seven. 
Clean Canvas NC-17

Harry paints Tom. Janeway commissions him to paint Seven while she watches. Kind of a dark story. 

Asking Nicely NC-17

Janeway teaches Seven the difference between “needs” and “wants”. 

Hand to Hand


Janeway watches Seven and Torres fight. Then Janeway and Seven go to bed. Simple, but the end has a bite to it.