Coffee and Atonement PG

Itís the beginning stages of a relationship and Janeway is having doubts.

Loose Ends PG-13

During a spout of insomnia, Janeway reflects on recent events and future possibilities.

Love With All the Trimmings NC-17

How does an ex-Borg drone go about wooing the Captain of a Starfleet vessel?

They Shoot Devorianís, Donít They? PG-13
Kashyk leaves Janeway something to remember him by.
All mine PG

Seven and Janeway are trapped on the holodeck, not quite what Janeway had in mind for her birthday, but then things take an unexpected turnÖ

I wish I may PG
They are both avoiding this new closeness.
(01, 02)
Seven suffers the consequences of Tsunkatse.
Spark PG-13

Janeway and Seven find their minds wandering during a staff briefing.

Walking Wounded PG-13
After an accident, Seven must face the future alone.
With Me PG-13
My thoughts are of her, always, yet I am without hope.