Waking Dreams


In which Kathryn is having a little trouble sleeping...
Them heavy people (01, 02) PG

Kathryn and Seven have found each other, but want to keep it a secret. But that may prove more difficult than expected. This is an ongoing series of short stories.

Talent Night PG

Seven and Kathryn sing songs to each other. Entirely too cute.

The Last Beat of My Heart
(01, 02, 03)


Lost and Found PG

Looks suspiciously like a J/C story, but have no fear, it has a happy ending.

Overture NC-17

Okay... This was written solely for orgasmic purposes, so don't start whining about lack of character development or the use of crude language. :)
Campbell, this is for you hon (sorry!)

Dark as Night, Bright as Day R (Angst)

This is what happens when two depressed individuals get together to write a story. It's not good and definitely not for the weak of heart. Don't say we didn't warn you.
Summary: Takes place right after Dark Frontier. Being back with the Borg Collective affects Seven more than she expected. Will Janeway be there for her when she needs her most?

Just a little story (K/J) PG
Well, that title pretty much says it all! A Kate/Jeri story.
Only the Lonely PG-13

This is a J/7, J/Erin story of sorts. Just a short little experimentally angsty thing. That should peek your interest :)

47 - A joke PG
Supposedly funny, not romantic :)