As Close As I Could Get PG

Notes: One day I'll write something that isn't angst. I promise. Something with fluffy bunnies and horrible stuff happening to Chakotay.

Carried With Me All These Years PG
Holding Your Hand PG

Notes: Initially I posted this in The Certain Faction, but was planning to toss it in here as well at some point. As TCF has temporarily shuffled of the mortal coil (nah, it's just stunned), voila! Sorry if you've already read it! Once again, Thea Gilmore owns the lyrics.

Better This Way PG
Sweet Surrender PG

Notes: This is the companion piece to "Better This Way", again with song lyrics from Sarah McLachlan - I "borrowed" the title as well ;) There's definitely going to be one more, written from Janeway's perspective, maybe I'll carry on, if the muse allows...

What I Have To Do PG
Forgive and Forget PG

Notes: A continuation of the ongoing series I've been posting, the 4th installment so far, following "What I Have To Do". Told from Seven's perspective.

In Her Arms PG

Notes: Follows immediately after "Forgive and Forget." Kathryn's perspective.

Throwing Fire at The Sun PG
Finding the Strength PG

Notes: The continuation of the series I've been posting, finally the latest installment. Follows on from "Throwing Fire at the Sun". Janeway and Seven shared a private moment after the events in the epsiode "Repentence", but our Captain is having a hard time dealing with the potential result....

Damage Done PG

Notes: The penultimate part of this series, as told from Kathryn's pesepective. The Auburn One has come to a decision to make amends before it's too late. Guess what...

Making Repairs PG

Notes: The conclusion, from Seven's perspective, of the intermittent series I've been posting here. Once again, thanks for all the feedback (special mention has to go to Lynne's incredibly detailed response), I'd probably have given up without it!