Tracy Renee Cook

Gone Kissing  

A little diddy of a story about Seven of Nine's newest endeavor: kissing...her targeted objective: the captain ...told from mostly her POV.

The Fear of Being Alone  

What will J/7 do when it looks like they've reacted a second too late to keep from losing each other forever?

Small lessons in...  
Rites of passage series (J/T/7)
Arc I Genesis  
The way you look at me  

It’s shore leave time aboard Voyager... and maybe it’s just spring fever, but there is definitely romance in the air...more than any of them are sure they can handle responsibly. This is where is all where they will go, only time will tell...

A change in the air  

There are so many changes for the crew of Voyager, but especially our girls...will they run from the storm, or hunker down and ride it out?

...and Straight on 'Til Morning  

Once the captain makes a decision, there is usually very little anyone can do to change her mind, and rarely does she look back... but that doesn’t always mean that she knows what she’s getting into. Can Janeway find it in herself to take one chance, let alone two, and follow the second star to the right?

I Regret to Inform You  

The good captain, as well as a majority of her staff, learn a great deal about just how much she loves Seven of Nine as well as a few other things...and just how far she can fall when she thinks she’s lost her. A story full of pleasant surprises, the worst possible news...and very few answers.


Starfleet captain’s are tough and Kathryn Janeway is no exception...but the question that remains is are they unbreakable? Can Janeway stay focused and hold herself together when she, alone, is threatened like she’s never been threatened before? The captain might be unbreakable...but is Kathryn?


A story about being selfish in giving, selfless in taking, and making and accepting compromises with the most difficult person in the universe, one’s self. Where our girls and the crew of Voyager will go from here, only time will tell, but there are changes on the horizon. How many depends on who will compromise.

When Duty Calls  
Often the toughest decisions have to be made in the line of duty...duty that never seems to end. Although, duty is a dynamic term, and as Janeway’s duty, and thus, her life becomes more complicated, she realizes that she and her crew are changing before her eyes...
Stop, Drop, and Incognito (01, 02)  

An Elite Force extravaganza full of private discussions, drinking, swearing, stealing and lying, fortune tellers, intimate moments, carnivals and advanced tactical operations...and all at the direction of one scantily clad, fire devil of a captain.

Five, Six, Seven of Nine  
Voyager's resident Borg is introduced to many new concepts on her birthday...some of them she finds acceptable, and some of them she would rather erase from existence. **Thanks to Sophia for pointing out that two of the gifs weren’t working. AMG**
Though I Walked Through the Valley... (01, 02)  
B’Elanna Torres and Kathryn Janeway separately and together face their demons head on and each walk through their own Day of Honor... and it seems that only Seven of Nine has the ability to save them both from hell. **March 3rd, 2006: Thanks again to Sophia for informing me of two gifs in the story were not working. I’m sorry to say I do not have these gifs.
From Where She Sits  
Around Nicole Fowler, secrets are kept, revelations are made, leaving mysteries abound, and second chances are gained...and perhaps lost?
A Day in the Life (01, 02)  
Captain Janeway is a woman with the weight of the quadrant on her shoulders. Nearly two hundred people depend on her to made the right decisions...especially when their safety is in question. Can Janeway handle and make the right calls when she learns that not everything and everyone is what they seem? Slight Update: Thanks to Witam, I’ve been able to add the “Fowler Ad” which is mentioned in the story. I must say, Ms. Cook out did herself with it.
An unknown ‘natural’ event causes the transporters to malfunction and threatens to ruin all of their careful planning. Two friends walk more than a kilometer in the other’s shoes and it’s gonna take more than Borg efficiency and Vulcan meditation techniques to overcome this emotional rollercoaster ride...just what that is exactly will never be officially logged by the captain.
Bartender…I'll Do this Again (01, 02)  
It’s holonovel vacation time again for the ‘fabulous five;’ although, the chief’s on the job as private investigator, Detective Mike Murphy, and she’s found a willing, and capable partner in the nosiest, ‘ace’ field reporter in town: Seven of Nine. Can Torres figure out how to crack the case while some of her comrades work with her, and some of them work against her? And while she’s at it, can she and the others actually have fun while the mob makes things interesting?
One Lump or Three? (01, 02, 03)  
It’s time to test the Slipstream Drive on the new Elite Force shuttle, and that means there are preparations to be made, speeches to give, and quiet farewells to send if the captain’'s test fails in the worse possible way. Meanwhile, everyone from Lt. Carey to Naomi Wildman has a day they’d rather forget, and that’s before a series of events force Seven of Nine to reveal a long kept secret, which quickly escalates the tenuous situation from bad to worse while several couples consider today, tomorrow...and forever...