Stand alone stories  
Behind PG
I'm just having fun. This one starts out sorta J/C, but it sure don't end up that way! ^_^ Yes, I'm crazy. I'm not sure what caused this. Enjoy!
Bottom of the Bottles PG

Kadith and I wrote this after being inspired by a certain scene in the episode last week. (Not the Seven goes loco one, but the one before that where they're all dead. Although a bit from the other ep gets in there...) Hope you could find a point to this, because we couldn't.. :) Enjoy!!

Changes of Fate PG
Notes: This story takes place in an alternate universe. Yup.
Coffee, She, and Me PG-13

Notes: This story is PG-13 but trails into the R a few times... involves coffee, need I say more? This story is also J/7. That's why it's here. :) This is also a free standing humor piece, and not part of my other J/7 series. :)

Gradually, She Sleeps PG
Haunted Holodeck PG

Notes: This is my special halloween combo 2-year fanfic anniversary story. Two years ago on Halloween I started writing fanfic.. party...

Having a Headache PG
Janeway and Seven Do TV PG
the pretty ones PG

Notes: This story is J/7 somewhat. No romance or anything. A bit graphic and/or descriptive in spots, so childrins should hide their eyes. But then they always should around me. Also, if there any mispellings, so what. I refuse to use a spell checker on my stuff. Takes all the fun out of writing. Now, enjoy the story! :)

Seven's Habits of Highly Inefficient Crewmembers PG
This is just a little list, told from Seven's point of view.
Voices of death PG
Song of the bleeding hearts  
The Devil Wants To Know (1/10)  
Make the Endeavor (2/10)  
Wakes Me in the Night (3/10)  
Burn In Heaven (4/10)  
Ravages of Spirit (5/10)  
Soaks You To the Bone (6/10)  
Never Lose Affection  (7/10)  
The Night is Peaceful (8/10)  
Tomorrow, Today Will Be Yesterday (9/10)  
Unfinished Symphony (10/10)  
Song of the bleeding hearts sequel  
In My Direction (1/11)  
Mirage (2/11) not available  
Your warmth upon me (3/11)  
Stealth Leather (4/11)  
The Legacy (5/11) not available  
Return To Christmas (6/11)  
What Love Has Made of Me (7/11)  
Horizon (8/11)  
Pilgrimage (9/11) not available
Return To Destiny (10/11)  
From Your Daughters (11/11)